Nestlé Sales Convention 2022

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L’ evento comincerà tra:


Round Table Session

Discussing Nestlé's production architecture, mode of service, Social responsibilities, focus on Environmental protection, Consumer focused services, Nutritional attributes and health driven services.

Nestlé Sales 2021

Reviewing sales from all our global partners, continental, regional and local sales points. A review of our distribution chains and partner networks   in the last year.

 Keynote speakers: Sales Administrators, Sales executive directors, Vice-President Sales. 

Sales Training & Expo

Seasoned speakers and sales gurus around the world would be on ground for a 2-day sales training divided into 4 sessions (morning/ late afternoon) both new and existing sales directors and agents.

Aperitive-styled exposition will hold in the evening leading into the night.


The future with Nestlé

Discussing what operational strategies we will be launching in the near future, our sales ideology and approaches in line with conventional norms and cutting edge technological advancement, our drive for renewability and sustainability.